Senior Indigenous Community-Based Researcher

Research work carried out in Indigenous communities often goes unrecognised by Western academic systems. This credential is available to senior Indigenous researchers with significant previous experience in place-based and/or community based research. It recognises the recipient’s strong cultural authority and leadership in the conduct of research projects, and a history of successful work on previous research projects. Recipients of this credential demonstrate strong bilingual and inter-cultural research competency, a history of ethical research practice, and high level skills in research co-design and public communication.


This credential is available to Indigenous researchers who can demonstrate significant previous experience carrying out research projects in the Northern Territory. They will also have experience in contributing to the design of projects, analysis of data and sharing findings with their community and other people.

Criteria for assessment:

This credential can be awarded on the completion of a research profile or e-portfolio detailing:

  • Who you are, your connection to particular people-places, and your previous work or research experience
  • Examples of 4 (or more) completed research projects, including:
    • Brief description of each project
    • Demonstrated understanding of research ethics and processes for informed consent
    • Identification of skills practiced and your contributions to each stage of the projects
    • A research output from each project (e.g. video, audio recording, powerpoint presentation, written report etc)
    • Any available photos or videos (optional)


Credential will be authorised by an appropriate senior Indigenous authority and the Dean of the College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, CDU.

Pathways to further study:

Completion of this credential is recognised as the equivalent of 1 unit in the Diploma of Indigenous Research, CDU. Any researchers proceeding to the Diploma will be offered credit for this unit on entry.

How to apply:

For further information please contact:

Michaela Spencer at the Northern Institute, CDU