Indigenous Research Collaborator 

This credential acknowledges the participation and contribution made by an Indigenous community-based researcher to a collaborative research project. Earners will have worked in their home community under the guidance of senior advisors and with CDU staff on one or more research projects. They will have received introductory training in research ethics, and been given the opportunity to learn about research by watching research work being carried out by experienced Indigenous community-based researchers with whom they are familiar and comfortable.


This credential is available to Indigenous community-based researchers working in teams with local researchers and CDU staff on a research project in the Northern Territory. It is designed to acknowledge the recipients participation in cross-cultural facilitation and research, and the role they play as a young person learning from experienced researchers and family members.

Award criteria:

  • Attendance at a research induction meeting
  • Creation of a research profile detailing who you are, plus any previous work or research experience
  • Participation in one or more collaborative research projects undertaken under Elder Authority with local researchers and CDU staff


Credential will be authorised by an appropriate senior Indigenous authority and the Dean of the College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, CDU.

How to apply:

For further information please contact:

Michaela Spencer at the Northern Institute, CDU