Galiwin’ku, NT






My name is Yuŋgirriŋa Bukulatjpi, Waramirri clan.

I grew up in Galiwin’ku community. My first job was at the ALPA shop starting in 1972, and I stayed there until around 2000. I had the experience of moving from the old ALPA store to new ALPA store.

When I finished working at ALPA, I started working with Yalu’. For 9 years I was working at Yalu’. While I was there, I did research with Maria Scarlett and Julie Brimblecombe. This was about building healthy communities. I finished up around 2009 and then in 2010 I started working at the Ngalkanbuy Centre, where I started a hub for children. I worked there for nearly another 9 years.

I still am involved in casual research work with CDU researchers and Yalu’. This research is to do with intercultural communication. I have made presentations of our work at the Lowitja Conference in Darwin, June 2019 and the COMET conference in Adelaide, June 2019.

I am one of the first students to enroll in the Diploma of Indigenous Research at CDU, and through this study I am continuing to learn and support research in my community.

Now I am now working on my personal research project which is about hoping and planning to see new young people rise-up, have good work and have a good qualification to build their capacity. That way they can grow up our Yolngu community. They can look around and acknowledge our old people that have been working here. Now it’s the time for young people to stand up and do the work that has been passed through us, so Balanda can see what we are doing for our children and for our new generation to come.

Research Projects:

  • Intercultural Communication (with Emily Armstrong, CDU)(2018)
  • CDP Participant Project (personal research project)(2019)
  • Caring for Mum on Country (With CDU and Molly Wardaguga Research Centre)(2020)
  • Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development: A Comparative Study between Indigenous Communities of Pakistan and the Northern Territory Australia (with Tahir Ali, CDU)(2019)
  • Autism Project (with Yalu’)
  • Nutrition Project (with Julie Brimblecombe, Menzies)

Conference Presentations:

  • Yunggirringa, D., & Garnggulkpuy, J. (2007). Yolngu participatory action research. Paper presented at Moving Forwards Together: Action Learning and Action Research Conference, Tauondi College, Port Adelaide, Australia.