Nyäḻka is a Yolŋu corporation which supports women, children and young mother’s in Milingimbi.


Our vision: Nhäŋu barrkulil ga ŋuthanmaranhamirr ga ḏälkunhamirr ŋuruk yuṯaw Yolŋuw gurruṯumirriw ga makmakthurr Miliŋinbi miyalkkurruwurruŋ wäŋa ga romgu.

Look far away (into the future) and nurture each other and strengthen each other for the sake of our new Yolŋu generations, respecting the place and law of Milingimbi women.

  • Cultural Inductions: We offer cultural induction workshops to visitors from government and non-government organisations and universities.
  • Projects: We have received an NT cyclone recovery grant to assist with restoring community spaces near the beach and the church in Milingimbi.

We are seeking funding to run programs on domestic violence prevention, community mediation and peace-making in Milingimbi community.