Wurrumiyanga, NT

My name is Theresa ‘Amy’ Munkara. My skin group is sun, and my country through my Mum is Jikalawru, Cape Fourcroy.

I was born in Darwin, in the old hospital not far from Cullen Bay, and grew up in Wurrumiyanga. I went to St Theresa school for both primary and high school, finishing when I was almost 18.

My first job was working at Bima Wear where I was screen printing fabrics, and the other ladies there were sowing and making Tiwi designed clothes. I stayed there for a few a few years; it was a good time but some of the ladies working there have passed now. I also worked at the old restaurant for a few years, at the takeaway area.

I moved to work at the Farm growing seeds for the eucalypt plantations. Before moving to Xavier Boys School, where I was employed as a tutor for the students (14-15yrs). I then worked with youth diversion and the night patrol, and as part of this I attended workshops with people from other communities learning about the CAPS program, and being trained in managing issues to do with alcohol and other drugs.

My nana was really sick around this time, so I became a full carer of her and my Mum for nearly 10 years.

Now I am with the Pumulayu Child and Family Centre (PCFC), just starting early in 2024. I am employed as the coordinator of the Mantiyupwi Oyster Farm, where I help to manage many of the day-to-day details of running of this business. Through this business we’re looking to earn profits for the community, create jobs and pass on new opportunities to younger generations so they can still carry on living in Wurrumiyanga and manage that oyster farm for years to come. I look forward when I retire from this job, to pass it on to another Tiwi person.

I have also been selected to be part of the CDU-CSIRO researcher program. In this I’m doing research work looking at bush medicines, and the benefits of taking kids camping because it is good to take mothers and kids out bush, so they spend time together as a family.

We took all the mothers out hunting for mother’s day as part of the Pumulayu Child and Family Centre work, May 2024.












Opening of the CDU-CSIRO Indigenous Community-based Researcher Program, May 2024