Wurrumiyanga, NT

My name is Virgil Kerinaiua. My skin group is Pandanus. I was born 13 December 1998.

I was born in Darwin and I grew up in Wurrumiyanga in the Tiwi Islands. I started school at the Catholic Primary School, and I attended Xavier Catholic College for High School.

My first job was with Tiwi Enterprises, working at the Barge shed helping with unloading all the groceries and supplies.

Today I work with the Mantiyupwi Oyster farm, as a young leader helping the Mantiyupwi clan group to grow new Mantiyupwi business.

I am recognised as a good singer and dancer, and I have travelled with other Tiwi to sing at football games in Melbourne. I am also an upcoming young singer and leader in ceremony.

I have been selected as a Tiwi representative to travel to Europe in Sept 2024, viewing Tiwi artworks and cultural heritage with the Tiwi Land Council and researchers from Flinders University. I have also been selected as a Tiwi researcher on the CDU-CSIRO Indigenous Researcher Program.


Tiwi singers and dancers at the MCG in 2023 (including Virgil Kerinaiua, 3rd from left) 

Tiwi traditional owners, CDU staff and Tiwi resources staff (including Virgil Kerinaiua, back row thumbs up). Darwin Aquaculture Centre Workshop – May 2024. 












Opening of the CDU-CSIRO Indigenous Community-based Researcher Program, May 2024