Indigenous Research Collaborator

This credential is for people just beginning to explore research work. It supports young people to work with family memebrs and CDU staff, and acknowledges the participation and contribution made by an Indigenous research collabroator to a  research project.

Indigenous Community-Based Researcher

This credential provides opportunities for Indigenous people working in their home communities to learn about research work, and to be recognised for their skills in bilingual and inter-cultural facilitation of research. It includes on the job training, and collaborative work on a CDU research project.

Senior Indigenous Community-Based Researcher

This credential is available to senior Indigenous researchers with significant previous experience in culturally responsive community based research. It provides recognition of their prior learning and cultural authority.

Diploma of Indigenous Research

The Diploma of Indigenous Research is an opportunity for you to build on the profound depth of research knowledge that already exists with the traditions of Indigenous people within Australia. This course focuses on promoting knowledge and cultural tradition research in Indigenous groups and its positive contributions to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous society