Wurrumiyanga, NT


My name is Kristelle Jane Orsto, I am from Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island. My skin group is Takaringa, the Mullet fish.

I was born in Royal Darwin Hospital, but I grew up in the community and I have done my high school here.

I live with my Dad, my Mum passed away two years ago. She was a strong leader for the school. She was one of the Milimika school group leaders, a school teacher and taught culture to students.

My first job was at Tiwi Islands Council, after I left secondary school. Here my role was as a cashier, at the bank located at the council. Then they moved me to the Old Clinic, where I helped with patient administration. After the clinic I worked at the school for a year, where I was a teaching assistant. From the school then I worked at the old store and then the new store. I also used to work for TCU as a bank teller, here in Wurruimyanga.

I was involved in the group running a nutrition program at the shop (2007-8). It was part of a worldwide program. We cooked for our local people, and had competition to see whose food tasted the best. We also travelled to Alice Springs and met with other groups running the same program in their places.

I am a Traditional Owner from my Dad’s side, here in Wurrumiyanga. I am involved in the meetings of Mantiyupwi Family Trust where they talk about what has been going on in the community and what needs to be built.

Now I am working for them as a researcher, collaborating with CDU. We are working on a project in the community, helping our mob, talking about gambling and how to keep the community strong and safe.

Resarch Projects:

Research Presentations:

If you are interested in working with me, please contact Mantiyupwi Family Trust, through Tiwi Resources.


Images: Research on the Mantiyupwi Gambling project, March 2023

Images: CDU research workshop,  Mantiyupwi Gambling project, June 2023