Galiwin’ku, NT

My name is Djotja, I was born in Galiwin’ku and I went to the local school Shepherdson College.

I used to work as a secretary for the school principle. I did two subjects, English and Maths in the morning and after that I would go and work as a secretary. Typing, taking notes.

After I finished school, I started working at the Walakuwuy store (before ALPA was in Galiwin’ku). First, I worked in the clothing section, then after that I moved to the office where I did admin work. From then on, I moved to the big ALPA store. Still doing admin, also coordinating the staff, training new staff on how to work the register, do fruit and vegies.

Alongside this work, I am also a respected person in the community, looking after my own children as well as my tribal group.

I have worked on a number of research projects:

I would like to do further research work, here in Galiwin’ku. Research has given me confidence, encouraged me to learn more. I want to be a role model for this community, and help all these young people. Help them to find a good pathway, all these young people that are growing up.

This profile helps the family to know what I am doing, and they can see me and what I have been doing.