Galiwin’ku, NT

My name is Nyomba Gandaŋu.

My clan is Golpa. I was born in Galiwin’ku.

I am Traditional Owner for the eastern side of Galiwin’ku, a place called Galawarra. I have many roles in the community. I work as senior Yolŋu community engagement officer at ‘Connecting Beginnings’. I am also doing a Diploma of Indigenous Research.


  • Workshops on Bush Medicine in Groote and Darwin: ‘What sort of bush medicine helps our children?’
  • Aboriginal Hearing Program (Perth, Melbourne)(1995)
  • Nutrition Program in Gapuwiyak (with Dan Campbell)
  • NLC Community Planning and Development Monitoring and Evaluation Project (with CDU)(2018-2020)
  • Growing Up Children in Two Worlds 
  • Chief Investigator: Dharraŋanamirr dhukarr guŋgayunaraw djamarrkuliw ga gurrutumirriw marŋgikunharaw ḏäl kunharaw gakalwun dhiyakun marrmaw’nha romgun. Understanding pathways to support Yolŋu children and families to achieve strong learning in two systems. AIATSIS Indigenous Research Exchange Grant.

Media Articles:


  • Campbell, D., Wunungmurra, P., & Nyomba, H. (2007). Starting where the people are: Lessons on community development from a remote Aboriginal Australian setting. Community Development Journal42(2), 151-166.
  • Nyomba, H., Nalpinya, L., Edmond, K., & Ruben, A. (2002). Community action to promote child growth in Gapuwiyak.
  • Lowell A, Gurimangu, Nyomba & Yingi (1996)  Yolngu ways of helping their children: Communication at home in an Australian Aboriginal Community. Australian Communication Quarterly, Summer 1996/97 pp, 20-22.
  • Lowell A, Sawyer G, Gurimangu, Nyomba & Yingi (1996) The Yolngu Story about Ears, Hearing and Communication.  CD-ROM. AHP-DEETYA.
  • Lowell A, Budukulawuy, Gurimangu, Maypilama & Nyomba (1995). Communication and learning in an Aboriginal school: The influence of conductive hearing loss. Aboriginal Child at School 23(4) pp.1-7

Monitoring and Evaluation Academic Contributions:

In the presentation below, I’m talking about Monitoring and Evaluation, Yolŋu way.

Audio recording: AIATSIS Summit – Yolŋu Aboriginal approach to monitoring and evaluation

CDU/NLC Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, July 2021


Presentation to Central Australia Community of Practice Forum, 1-3 October, 2019

Presentation at Changefest 2019, Mt Druitt NSW