Wurrumiyanga, NT

My name is Charlotte Portaminni. I am a proud Takaringa woman from Tiwi Islands Wurrumiyanga which is 80km from Darwin. My totem is Crocodile which was passed down to me by my father.

I was born in Darwin (RDH). I attended primary school here at Wurrumiyanga, Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic School (MCS). I completed my high school in Darwin St John’s College. While I was in Yr.10/11 I undertook a School Based Apprenticeship with Northern Territory Government Fisheries and Resources in 2009/2010.

After that, I returned to the Tiwi Islands. I found my 1st employment as a till operator with NUA at the restaurant for 2 years. I then went on to work as an administration assistant at The Australian Red Cross (ARC). 2 years went by I got another role within ARC as a youth support worker as well as an administration assistant. I worked for ARC for 5 years.

I then found a new employment with Tiwi Island Training and Employment Board (TITEB) Employment services as an administration assistant. I was in this admin role for 3 Years.  I am currently working now as an Employment consultant. In this role I help jobseekers to find employment, enrol in studies and carry out training (e.g. first aid training, Cert II in Community Services etc) It is now my 5th year with TITEB.

I am a Tiwi Land Council member. I am a Director for my clan group and involved in decision making for our homeland. I am also involved with CSIRO and our Prawn Farm Project where I am talking with family members to see how this business should run, and working with CSIRO visiting the demonstration farm to learn about management and harvesting of prawn farming.

I have been selected as a researcher on the CSIRO-CDU researcher program. In working as a resarcher I’m looking forward to working with my own clan group in supporting the prawn farm development that creates more jobs for Tiwi people.

Learning about prawn farming at the CSIRO Berry Springs demostration farm, May 2024.












Opening of the CDU-CSIRO Indigenous Community-based Researcher Program, May 2024