Ngukurr, NT






My name is Shay Marie Wuywuyyun Gumbula.

My skin name is Gutjan and my totem is emu. My homeland is Djilliwirri.

I started my schooling at Ngukurr, then spent time at Galiwin’ku attending Shepherdson College. I finished year 10 at Marrarra Christian College in Darwin.

I worked for 2 years as an agent at Centrelink in Milingimbi. Then I worked at Ramingining for the Australian Electoral Commission. I received a certificate in Electoral Awareness Training.

After that I moved to Laŋarra outstation, but recently I have come back to live in Ngukurr where I work casually as a researcher for Gumbula Consultancies.

Research is good for going around and talking to people. I often help with consent forms and paperwork.

In my spare time I like playing basketball and looking after the kids and cleaning the house.