Ngukurr, NT





My name is Peter Gulpilil Dhamarrandji.

My skin name is Burralaŋ, my totem is the sea turtle and my homeland is Garraṯa.

I went to school at Laŋarra outstation school, and then after school I moved to Galiwin’ku. I worked at CDP in Galiwin’ku taking care of parks and gardens. Then I moved to Ngukurr and I stay here now.

My first experience working as a researcher has been with Gumbula Consultancies, working in Ngukurr on the Electoral Engagement and Education Project.

My role has been taking video and photos for the research work.

In my spare time I like playing footy and going hunting – catching turtle, stingrays, crabs, oysters, mud mussels from the land and from the sea.