Galiwin’ku, NT

My name is Beulah ‘Mimi’ Munyarryun and I work as a researcher with Yalu’ Marngithinyaraw

I attended  school  at Kormilda college, where I completed year 11 and half of year 12 before applying for a job at Yalu’ Marngithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation

My first work at Yalu’ was on the Whole of Community Engagement Initiative (WCE) carried out as a partnership between Yalu’ and CDU.

In my role I participated in research training activities in partnership with WCE staff, and experienced Yolngu researchers who helped to train and encourage emerging researches utilising both Yolngu and Western research methods.

Our role was in mentoring school students and developing ideas and resources to build awareness of higher education and other study pathways. This included:

  • mentoring sessions and school involvement twice per week
  • supporting the workforce development of Yolngu assistant teachers and working closely with the school

I have also been involved in a number of other projects including: