Ngukurr, NT


My name is Gwen Mingula Rami. My language is Alawa. My skin is gali gali and my totem is quiet snake. My country is Nanguya.

Ai bin wek langa Ngukurr School (I worked at the Ngukurr School) as a teacher and principal. Moving from this area, I worked for CDEP doing payroll and supervising the workers. I also worked as a supervisor for Aged Care.

Recently I went to University and completed Certificate 4 in Governance and Leadership at CDU. Before this I studied teaching at Batchelor Institute.

Previously I have worked as a consultant for the Yolŋu Aboriginal Consultants Initiative (CDU) where I contributed to several research projects.

I’m now working for CDU as a senior researcher and I mentor young researchers in Ngukurr. I like working as a researcher and am interested in working on more research projects in the future.