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Jane Garrutju Gandaŋu

Galiwin'ku, NT Hi my name is Jane Garrutju Ganḏangu I was born at the Wessel Islands and came to Galiwin’ku when I was 6 years old. I started school here at Galiwin’ku in the late 1950’s. I finished my year 7 at the local school, Shepherdson College. Then I studied CPM (continuous progress in maths) [...]

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Joy Bulkanhawuy

Darwin and Galiwin'ku, NT Joy Bulkanhawuy Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Aboriginal Studies Bulkanhawuy works closely with Northern Institute researchers as well as Yolŋu teachers providing guidance, cultural authority and education. Ŋarra yäku Joy Bulkanhawuy ga ŋarra Djambarrpuyŋu yolŋu miyalk. Ŋarraku wäwa’mirriŋu ŋunhi ŋayi leadership ŋayathaŋala linyalaŋgalaŋaw bäpa’mirriŋuw, ŋayi ga rom djämamirri. Ŋayi ŋarraku wäwa’mirriŋuy [...]

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Stephen Maliku Dhamarrandji

Galiwin'ku, NT A.B.N.: 23719297883 . My name is Stephen Maliku Dhamarrandji, and I am a Djambarrpuyŋu person. I was born in Gove, Nhulunbuy and I was raised up at Rulku in Milingimbi, with my 3 grandmothers from the Gupapuyŋu clan. When I was 12, I went back to Galiwin'ku and my schooling was at Sheperdson [...]

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Indigenous Research Collaborator

Indigenous Research Collaborator  This credential acknowledges the participation and contribution made by an Indigenous research mentoree to a collaborative research project. Earners will have worked in their home community under the guidance of senior advisors and with CDU staff on one or more research projects. They will have received introductory training in research ethics, [...]

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